Sometimes Wikipedia Contributors and Editors just do not get thanked enough

Over the years as I have started to rely more on more on Search engines and the information that they provide, I have also got more reliant on specific sites like Wikipedia. If you are like me, you do a quick search for a term in Google, expecting a link for the specific term or event to show up in Google search results. Next click is on the Wikipedia article link and then read, read, read, scroll down, down and most of the time close the window and move on to the next task or action.


With us wanting to fit more and more things into our already busy lives, this means that we are looking for high quality and accurate information that will save us time from going to site by site just looking for the key bit of information. And that is where the Wikipedia serves the best purpose. People keep on updating information on Wikipedia as up to date as possible and editors make sure that the standards and quality of the document is maintained. And most of the time the efforts of these people just do not get recognized enough. I certainly forget to thanks for all the effort that goes in a well written article on Wikipedia. So just wanted to take some time today to show my gratitude towards the contributors and editors on Wikipedia.

Thank You!
Thank You for Making getting the accurate information easy and thanks for all the efforts.

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