How long before we see a All Inclusive Cloud Backup system

Backup is something that is constantly evolving. We had a mindset that administrators had to worry about corporate backups, but now high tech and non-tech person is concerned about not loosing his data and wants to make sure that they have backups. Over the last few years, backup mechanisms are getting simpler and more affordable. Now not only we can physically perform the backups using 1 TB hard disks or backup it up online using tools like Amazon S3, Sugarsync etc.


Today I read about Lifestreambackup which backups the data that we create on social media sites.



I wonder how long before we get an all inclusive backup system, which backs up my online email, social sites that I participate in and my data from my computers?


I think not too long! I am thinking less then 6 months, what do you think? Sugarsync is this on your plan?

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