I like Dictionary.com’s new page design

Dictionary.com finds a way to make me Happy and to make money at the same time.



I wanted to write this post initially to respond to M G Siegler’s post on Techcrunch. His post has a lot of blah blah, blah about Dictionary.com’s new design. My answer to him is, Dictionary.com’s main purpose [I made this up] is to serve users find the definition/meaning of the words. With their new design, it does not interrupt that purpose but they are also making money at the same time. Overall, I like this look more then their old look. May be M G Siegler did not have anything better to write today! When I land up on Dictionary.com I can start typing straight away and hit <Enter> without clicking anywhere. [They did have Toyota's ad before sometime]


For me, I actually like the design. They need to make money somehow. For a change, I want to look at those bright colored ad and see what it is about. As I said above, I can navigate to the website and start typing without clicking anywhere. It is making me happy as I know they are making money without shoving more ads in my face and still fulfilling my requirements.

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