India’s people are not the smartest when it comes to tackling traffic issues

I have many good things to say since I am here in India but one thing that's on my mind all the time and that is nagging me is traffic issues. It's been 2 weeks since I am here and one thing that makes me mad is the traffic conditions in India [generally speaking, although I have seen this issues in all the cities that I have been to so far]. In all honesty I do not see much have improved in last few years. True, there are more traffic lights and more traffic guards but that is just not getting the job done.

thanks to Roo Reynolds

I understand that everyone's in a rush. A rush to get somewhere, a rush to meet someone and rush to get out of the traffic. But I don't think people are the smartest when instead of being smart about tackling the traffic situation, they just make up their own road rules and start dashing in any direction they want just to get ahead or get out of the way. I don't see absolutely anyone following road rules here [and that includes me because I will be dead or in hospital if I start following road rules]. Cars and scooters coming from all directions, no one waiting for the other to give way but all rushing in one direction! There is absolutely very less traffic sense.

There are more traffic guards – true. But all they do is blow whistles to the offenders or are busy negotiating with the offenders as to how much money they need to give to him to get away from the issue. It disturbs me when I see that instead of doing their jobs properly of managing the traffic, all the guards do is stand in one corner of the road waiting for the traffic to self manage itself.

It annoys me when I think that a country that is growing in leaps and bounds is poorly managed when it comes to traffics. I see more and more over bridges being build in my city, but how is that going to help if traffic is not managed properly. Even that will be jam packed in no time. It seems poor when I see well educated people driving senselessly and adding to traffic chaos when they know that it's not going to speed up matter, neither for them nor for anybody else. The same people that are considered smartest in their fields, are making the dumbest mistakes and not doing anything to improve traffic issues.

I try to follow the rules and abide by them everytime I can and try to remind people of their mistakes on the roads but than I am reminded often by strangers and my relatives that I won't be able to solve the traffic conditions by myself!

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