IAMPOWERED.NET is live and will soon be open for business

I have been fascinated by the power of words in different languages all my life. I strongly believe in power of vocabulary and believe that a person with an extensive vocabulary is an empowered person. I come from a non-english speaking background and my main language at home is not gnglish and doesn’t seem to me that it will become main stream language anytime soon. But from childhood I was keen in improving my vocabulary and have done so bit by bit at a very slower rate. It is up to an extend that it’s on my top self development goals for last couple of years to learn ‘A word every day’ to which I have failed badly.

I have failed not because of not only procrastination and lack of focus, but also because just looking at the words, reading as to what they mean and then read a couple of examples is not enough. This has to be followed by constant usage of a particular word that I want to add to my vocabulary. Now some words can be used in day to day conversations but that does not apply to a lot of words.

I am sure that a lot of people will like to improve their vocabulary but have a similar problem as mine or just some other reasons why they can’t add a new word to their lexicon every day. So my simple and inexpensive solution to stick with my resolution and to help others is this site IAMPOWERED.NET

Credit: – JovikeDictionaries on Flickr.com

The purpose of this site is to help users improve their stock of known words by providing them a place to practice and practice them more and as much as they can. To begin with, the idea is simple. Create a blog post with 7 words and their meanings and possibly some examples [ I will have to look into copyright issues here]. People like myself can than every day come and put those 7 words into practice, but 7 sentences where the words are used and can post them in comments section of the blog post.

So by tomorrow round about the same time, you can expect a first post with 7 words and their meanings and we can start the practice from there.

I wanted to start somewhere and this is where I have started. Obviously as time goes and as we succeed in keeping up the resolution, we can look into better options and better ways to manage and improve things. Suggestions and opinions are welcome. Feel free to contact me at tejas.patel @ gmail.com or put a comment here.

P.S. I wanted to get started with this project, so I still haven’t decorated the shop yet. If you want to contribute to the decoration or have ideas, please feel free to contact me.

My new site which I have hosted on Posterous platform is live now.

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