Even my notes are digital now

Today I bought myself a digital pen from Livescribe http://www.livescribe.com. The need arose from constantly getting distracted when brainstorming digitally and I wanted to spend time away from from my screens. I wanted the comfort of my lounge or a friend’s house and wanted to bring those notes later on in a digital format. Livescribe seems to be a perfect solution for now.

How are you managing your notes and are you combining your offline notes into digital notes?

2 thoughts on “Even my notes are digital now

  1. thanks for sharing this valuable product, and i guess for my day-to-day job it will be certainly help. I have to take a lot of notes these days due to the role i am now getting involved with. This will certainly i will keep an eye for. Just wondering for starter like me, do you have anything for a bit cheaper or a basic version you can suggest?

  2. Neel, you can certainly go for a 2GB option and that would be heaps for starters [around AUD $220]. There are other options from other companies around $150-170 mark. Having used this product for 24 hours now, I would definitely recommend Livescribe product though. The key to me is, I don't have to lug my laptop around everywhere to have notes in digital format and I don't need to lug my notebooks around me, as my notes are all in the cloud. Having data when I want is the  key here.

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