Virgin Plans Launch of iPad only magazine -Now What’s Next?


What’s next now? I don’t think it will be very long before airlines remove all that paper stuff from the magazine pouch and just have an iPad instead [or an equivalent or better decide].

The device can be used for:

1. To hold airlines own website which does not need to be printed any more. It just needs to be updated on the iPad

2. The device can hold it’s updated food menus

3. The device can hold deals and offers from other advertisers that sign up with the airlines

4. The device can hold movies, music etc. The device can also connect wirelessly with the server and can media of all sorts can be accessed from there

5. The device can make existing screens redundant as people can just use these devices instead to entertain themselves. This also have a lot of advantage as people can hold it the way they want, in the angle they want etc. They don’t have to worry about the person in front of their seat constantly reclining the seat!

6. They may not even need to buy newspapers and magazines as their electronic edition can be accessed from the iPad like device

7. People can browse Internet and connect to other sites. They don’t need to worry about lugging their own laptops in the flights and squeeze them in the limited space they have.

8. Competitive advantage for Airlines introducing this.

Cannot wait myself to see it all happening.

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