This weekend belongs to Dyson

I come to my knees when it comes to Customer Service and Customer Experience and I experienced both when dealing with Dyson this weekend.


image credit : – srboisvert

In Australia, I haven't come across many service providers and manufacturers which are as good as Apple in terms of their Customer Service. Now I have to add Dyson next to them. I have a three year old vacuum and the bearing in the turbine head has gone bad. I called up Dyson to get a new replacement and happily pay them ~$130 for it. Guess what, not only I got hints and tips to improve the performance of my vacuum cleaner by a pleasant customer service rep, but before I knew it she had organised a replacement turbine to be sent to me for free!

What got me to love Dyson? It was not the free stuff, it was the customer reps politeness and willingness to listen to me and help me out and provide me more than I asked me. She even wanted me to call them again if I had other problems. This is something that not many companies are doing this days. She surprised me!

The result, made my day,  * * * * * stars for Dyson, I knew they had a great product, now I know they have a great team as well. Now the little salesman in me is going to tell this story to ~100 people and even if 1 person buys a Dyson product because of my story, it will all be worth my time.

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