Get More Readers on Your Blog – Part 1

I am just preparing myself for the Problogger Event in Melbourne tomorrow. I was asking myself as to what I am going to learn tomorrow. Will I be learning something drastically different? I hope so but may be not. Although I don't have a famous blog but I have been blogging for quite a few years, now on and off. I have heard and read some topics over and over again [It is a different thing that I haven't applied them consistently]. In my view I am attending the stories to listen to the stories and experiences and learn something from it.

Now as I embark on my new project, blogging and using my blog as a tool is an important part as my strategy. So I decided to spent exactly 3 minutes in answering a question "How do I get more readers?" and below is 11 points that I came up with.

  1. Decide on topics of your interest
  2. Write Good Content [which adds value to you and will add value to your reader, even if it's 1 reader]
  3. Write often, write more and put in the quality
  4. Spark conversations
  5. Respond to comments
  6. Link to other social media sites
  7. Write and create conversations about others
  8. Invite others to write on your blog/Interview others
  9. Do guest posts on other blogs
  10. Expand your social circle in the field of your interest. Network fast and network well.
  11. Be disciplined and repeat everything above.
After I attend the event tomorrow, I intend to post about my learnings, so expect a second part of this post.

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