Get More Readers on Your Blog – Part 2

This is a continuation post. So few weeks back I had a great time attending Problogger Event in Melbourne. Not only I had a chance to meet interesting people but had to chance to listen to successful bloggers as Chris Garrett, Yaro Starak, Collis Ta’eed, Pip Lincolne and Darren Rowse who are making their share of money blogging and doing that passionately.

You can find notes from this day and other details on the Problogger site. If I had to summarise from my learnings and from the event on ways to get more readers, here a list:

  1. Be passionate about what your topic of interest is [if you are doing it for fun or money]
  2. Be persistent and disciplined
  3. Create Excellent Content [this will get you more traffic and recognition in the long run]
  4. Network passionately with readers, bloggers and competitors
Re-reading what I have written above sounds generic and seems to be applicable elsewhere too but I think these are the key elements. If you take any of the famous blogs which makes money or not these steps are followed there, some more than the others.
If you had to write 5 steps to get more readers, what would your list consist?

2 thoughts on “Get More Readers on Your Blog – Part 2

  1. hhhhhmmm 5 steps to get more readers….1. Offer tremendous value for readers2. Be different, be yourself3. Acknowledge readers by responding to every comment4. Find ways to be everywhere (twitter, facebook, etc…)5. Keep content freshWhat do you think?Cheers!Ian

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