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We have launched on 1 September, 2010. This post is to summarize what is and to highlight the recent deals and the value it brings to various people.


What is is a site providing value added software and web product deals at exceptional prices while bringing more market exposure and sales to the product vendors. The deals will be for a set time and can either be individual products or bundle of few products together.


Using campaign-oriented marketing, we will take the deals to the right customers thus bringing value to both Customers and Vendors. 


Recent Deals


We launched the site with 4 products. Two of the products are Aimersoft’s Video Converter and the rest are logo and stationery design deals.


Aimersoft Video Converter

We capture videos on various recording devices these days. From our fancy smart phones or HD recorders. We buy audio and video in various formats or we have a DRM protected DVD which we want to be convert in a different format. Some of us want the capability to play our captured videos in multiple formats so that we can watch them from a place and device of our choice. Some of us might want to remove DRM on those Audible audio formats or from DVD’s which we want to watch on our latest iPhone4. No problems, Aimersoft’s powerful and fast Video Converter are at the rescue. 


Aimersoft’s Video converter software are available for Mac & Windows version. With nearly 100 predefined settings for various formats and devices, the software is easy to use and can create user-defined video conversion profiles. While both software provides the functionality to rip DVD’s, Windows version of the software offers the functionality to remove DRM protection from audio and video. Both software provide the functionality to edit, trim, watermark videos. Use this tool to convert videos for your mobile player or make them web ready.


This software is idle for anybody wanting to convert audio and videos into various formats. Bloggers and professional writers can take their existing recorded videos, edit them, add watermark and upload them on their own website or sites such as Youtube. There is 41% off on this software and available for only $29.


Logo & Stationery Design Deals

Logos becomes part of our identity. They become part of our branding strategy. To have a logo that conveys your brand message is very important.


When a business, blog, startup, website is just starting out, budgets are tight and we want to see how we spent our money. Before we start designing the website or a business card, first thing we have to design is a branded logo. Not everyone is creative nor a designer and hence we have to outsource the designing to someone else. If you are web savvy, you can go to 99 Designs or similar websites to get your logos designed or ask a designer friend to do it for you. 


Doing market research and from our own experiences we found that getting a logo designed was an expensive affair. So, what did we do? We got you deals for logo design deals. Get professional logo designed for as less as $60 to getting a logo designed with unlimited revision and customized stationery for $150. It can’t get better than this! [of course if it’s free – it can]



These deals are not for me!

No problems. Not everything is meant to be for everyone. You can always forward these deals on to someone else who can possibly benefit from it.


We are working with vendors to bring you Windows, Mac, Web based services and products in the future. You can follow us by subscribing to our newsletter, Twitter, subscribe to our blog or Facebook. Alternatively you can contact us at info @ or vendors @


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