Who says cribbing is bad – Check out Rotadu

On Internet there's a community for almost everything, even cribbing. Today I came across a community of anonymous cribbers. Intention – it's not a movement of any sort nor a place where they expect their complaints to be heard. The people just want to crib and vent out [known as Rotadu in Hindi, Gujarati language] in an open and central place. At this stage it seems that it is an invite only system. Don't know what the site manager intends to do with it, but I see that there is benefit of cribbing and getting some support from other cribbers [known as Rotadus]. I guess Cribbers understand other cribbers well!

At this stage it seems as if all Rotadus are from India. Looking forward to see the community of Rotadus grow.


Photo Credit : – Kaibara87

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