Amazon owes a big one to Domino Project

I had heard about as long as I have heard about the concept on buying books through Internet. I buy a fair bit of paper based books, ebooks etc. but not with Amazon. Among few things their expensive shipping expenses and the time it takes a book to get to Australia stopped me from making my purchase. So although being a cool company and the goods that I wanted it could not convert me into a paying customer. I love reading and love reading ebooks. I stuck to GoodReader  and iBooks on my iPad and . Yes Kindle books was an option but I did not look at it seriously.

Now thanks to Domino Project and the initial books from Seth Godin and Steven Pressfield, not only am I am paying customer but I use Kindle Books on a regular basis and have happily spent money buying ebooks. Tonight I look forward to start reading another book from Domino Project by Ralph Waldo Emerson. So Amazon if you ever decide to ask me what made me a paying customer, it is because of Domino Project!

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