Speed is not free

Our need for things faster has no limit. Among other things this stands correct for web browsers. We want things to be super fast, web pages to appear as fast as we click on links and images. Among other thing two techniques used by developers is prefetching and caching. Prefetching obviously utilises Internet bandwidth to download the links that are anticipated to be clicked next by the visitor.

User Cache
User Cache screenshot on a Mac

I clean up my Mac on a regular basis (weekly) and my Mac has nearly 1.2 GB in browser cache (Safari and Google Chrome). This was clocked over 4 days of browsing. I haven’t watched online movies or a lot of Youtube Videos. My browsing experience has been fast but then the speed is coming to me at a cost that I am happy to bear.

Now the question that makes me wonder is how do browsers and apps using Internet on smartphones and tablets behave? I hope they are smart in what and how they prefetch links and images.

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