Improve Your World

In 2012 I am determined to improve my world and assist people that I care about. I am determined to learn more and impart what I have learnt [I am a training consultant after all!].

Over the years I have realised that it is the small actions/ideas/habits (good and bad) that have made a lasting impact on my life. For something to stick and made a lasting effect, I need to practice it and practice it regularly. To achieve this I either make a mental note or document these actions/ideas/habits in various formats – from post-it notes to journals to making it part of my daily routine.

Moving forward, I am going to document the matters that improve my world on this blog and share it with the readers as well.


I would encourage readers of this blog to add to the dialogue by telling things that have improved your life. Do this by either commenting here or posting your ideas on your blog/Twitter/Facebook feed. I am going to use the hashtag #IYW.

Sincerely looking forward to learning more.

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