Knowledge is Power – I #IYW

I know and I know you know that right food in the right level of quantities is beneficial to our body. We know that any excessive diet can be detrimental to our health and thus body. Still lot of us at numerous times over indulge and thus creating a negative effect on our bodies [chocolates anyone?].

Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power

Similarly we know that Knowledge is Power. Having the right information at the right time empowers us in making the right decisions and coming to appropriate conclusions. One way we can get this knowledge is consuming the right information. But consuming data randomly and over indulgence of information without focus can confuse us, distract us and does not assist in achieving results.

To improve your world in 2012, have some kind of diet routine for the information that you consume. Go on an information diet. Once you form your routine and can feel the benefits for yourself, share the concept of information diet with others.

Information is everywhere around us and we consume information through TV, books, Internet, our music players, e-readers, talking, newspapers, tablet devices, games etc. It is only going to benefit us if we selectively consume the information that is going to benefit us in the near and long term.

By the way, do you remember all the YouTube videos and sports scores that you watched last week, or for that matter yesterday?

This post is part of Improve Your World series of posts and this is post #1 for year 2012.


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