First accept people for what they are #IYW

I heard a friend complaining about how his brother is just not having the way he expects him to. Thinking and over thinking about this made my friend really upset. I asked him a question – “Are you exactly the same as to what you wanted yourself to be?”

Battling with people to keep our ego’s satisfied causes a lot of pain and grief both in the short and long term. It makes us restless.  It annoys us and makes us angry. Maturity is in first accepting the people and celebrating the fact that they are what they are.

Celebrate with people for who they are rather than who they are not. No one is ever going to be who you want that person to be.

Once you truly accept this, dealing with that person/group/organisation will become easier. Don’t accept this and you will be constantly fighting and blaming and tearing each other.

One thought on “First accept people for what they are #IYW

  1. Indeed that should be the way to live life. Just be what you are to others n don’t expect much from them.
    Because if they dont meet your expectations then it hurts like anything.

    You made my day BIGB.


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