People complain and sue businesses about getting a spam mail but they don’t voice their opinions to politicians bringing the nation down neither do they complain about national or international scams. Courage works in different ways!

2 thoughts on “Complain

  1. Interesting muse. Two things to your point. 1. It is easier to fight on your own behalf and 2. Most Australian’s don’t fully understand Australian politics because firstly they don’t care enough (a relaxed approach for having it too easy for so long) and many do not know how about their ‘chosen’ parties policies, let alone how to access their policies.

    Tejas, do you know where to go to view your chosen political party’s policies? I would appreciate your honest response..


    1. Agree Me. You bring good points.

      To answer your question, I check for key policies/beliefs no the party website. I am guessing from your point that there is a better place for this! Do enlighten. I think Australians care but may not feel empowered enough to voice their opinion. There have to be better venues to voice an opinion just as easily they can complain about spam mail (and if they exist, they need to be marketed well).

      Thanks for commenting Me.

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