Plan – Reflect – Adjust – Plan

We all have dream/s. Dream to do something, do be someone, be somewhere and to get someplace. One think that helps is to have a plan to make that dream come true. To fulfil most dreams, it takes more than to just go to a website, get your credit card and book the airlines and the hotel. It takes vision and time.


When you are following your long term plans, it is important to reflect on your journey every now and then, adjust your strategy and plan to make it a reality. Above all it is important to dream and keep on sharpening that dream.

In Peter Thiel’s indirect words – Mapping out a life.

A good intermediate lesson in chess is that even a bad plan is better than no plan at all. Having no plan is chaotic. And yet people default to no plan. When I taught at the law school last year, I’d ask law students what they wanted to do with their life. Most had no idea. Few wanted to become law firm partners. Even fewer thought that they would actually become partner if they tried. Most were going to go work at law firms for a few years and “figure it out.”

That’s basically chaos. You should either like what you’re doing, believe it’s a direct plan to something else, or believe it’s an indirect plan to something else. Just adding a resume lines every two years thinking it will buy you options is bad. If you’re climbing a hill, you should take a step back and look at the hill every once in awhile. If you just keep marching and never evaluating, you may get old and finally realize that it was a really low hill.

One reason people may default to not thinking about the future is that they’re uncomfortable being different. It is unfashionable to plan things out and to believe that you have an edge you can use to make things happen.


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