Entrepreneur and Ego

I always believed I was good at SEO but the traffic on FindYogi did not reflect that. Last couple of months I have asked a lot of people for help with SEO. I have written to every person I think has even a little knowledge about it. I had to swallow my pride for that but that’s OK. It wasn’t easy but hey, I couldn’t care less about what people would think about my knowledge when my product can’t breathe to life. What I am making has to be bigger than the pride I carry now for what I have done till date.

A note to that person: I was not lucky, I created my luck. I tried hard shamelessly and created enough opportunities to be lucky. This time around though, it seems I might be carrying some extra baggage I need to let go off.

via eViral: On Being A Passionate, Shameless Entrepreneur And Creating Your Luck.

The article is an interesting read and reminds me that successful entrepreneurs have very small ego. Or may be it is their small ego that makes them more successful.

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