Spotify to Google Play Music

Google Play Music became available in Australia today and I took the change to check it out.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

I have been a paying Spotify user since it launched in Australia and have been a happy customer for the most part.

The good part?

  • I was still going to pay AUD $11.99/month, same as Spotify Premium.
  • Based on my initial search it has the songs that I am after
  • Search is good
  • I won’t need any app on my desktop and I will be able to play  it from the browser (Spotify does offer the same as well)
  • I can upload upto 20,000 tracks

The ugly

  • Cannot share on Facebook and Twitter (this can be potentially a deal breaker)
  • The iPhone apps needs more polishing!

What I miss?

  • Not having iPad optimised app
  • Again – Not able to share the songs I like on Facebook and Twitter


  • Google can bring over my likes, dislikes, favourites from YouTube and recommend me music to my liking
  • More Indian songs
  • More audio book collections

As the service gets more traction I am hoping that the service improves. Spotify while I check and test the service out I will remain a free user.

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