Cost of Choices

Today as the World mourns the death of Robin Williams, I am sad and feeling the loss. If the rumours are right about him committing suicide, it makes me angry that a great actor and a human being decided to leave the battle field and gave up.

While I was still digesting the news about Robin Williams, I got the news about a friend, an elder brother, a person whom I respected, passed away overseas. He was my childhood hero, a handsome, intelligent, witty, confident chap. I always had high regards for him and as a kid watched him climbing the success ladder swiftly. This individual had the power to move a mountain and his influence hard to resist. A charismatic leader he was. He achieved success in everything he did, including bad choices that he decided to embrace. I am feeling sick, not only because I lost a friend, a brother from my extended family but because I witnessed how choices made this larger than life person to give up on his life.
His liver stopped functioning and he spend the last weeks of his life in a hospital bed rather than his own palace. I will never know what got to this ambitious man that he gave up on his life and drowned himself in liquor. He leaves us wondering about a lot of “what ifs..” today. He  left us wondering what all he could have been if not for his choices. Choices he had the power to make but could not accurately evaluate the results of those choices. The choices which costed him his life, the trauma his family will suffer for the remaining part of their lives. The cost his family and friends will pay for a long long time to come.
RIP big brother and Robin Williams.

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