So how do I make money on Twitter?

A friend – How do you make money of Twitter?

Me – I don’t

Friend – How can I use it so I can make some?

Me – If I knew I would have made millions by now!

Jokes apart – Twitter or other tools try to add value first to get some value back in return unless you are some sorts of Guru already. If your Twitter or Facebook stream is full of “sounding your own horn” tweets, you might not necessarily get a lot of interest nor engagement¬†from your prospective customer. Try to engage with them, get their attention before putting forward your products and how it is going to solve known problems. Aim for 80% messages that add value to others first, 10% of your own thoughts [originality greatly helps] and 10% “sounding your own horn” [innovative ways surely helps again] messages while connecting with your customers.

Want to see examples, I will let you do some work. Go and check out famous services or software developers accounts and observe how they engage in conversations? See any common trends?

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