Social Dilemma

This past weekend I watched Social Dilemma (on Netflix). I highly recommend it if you haven’t watched it yet.

Although I am not going to give up my social accounts anytime soon, here are my key takeaways and re-affirmations of my thoughts:

1. Use social platforms as tools that allow you to attain your objectives not the other way
2. Be purposeful on what you want to achieve while visiting a platform otherwise one post/video will link to other one and you will have spend hours without achieving something. This will have a negative impact on your brain in the short and the long term
3. Monitor your time spent on social platforms. The platforms exist for a purpose but we need to remember our purpose for using them
4. The algorithm is designed for maintaining your attention and your addiction
5. Every click and every mouse movement is recorded. Watch out!
6. Turn off/minimise notifications. Reduce digital distractions
7. Regularly check on the app/website permissions you provide on your mobiles, tablets and computers
8. Create ‘me’ time for yourself every day
9. Spend more time reading and writing than just consuming media
10. Consciously follow and learn from people you don’t agree with.

Trailer of The Social Dilemma documentary

What were your takeaways?

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