Choose Optimism Over Despair

As we begin this year, let’s decide to choose optimism over despair as that is how we will move forward – be it in our work or private lives.

If you, your team or family is facing uncertainty, it is totally understandable if that uncertainty is producing fear, feeling of helplessness and anxiety. It might be easy to despair and join the negative chorus and blame other for everything that is going wrong around us but that hardly is a solution!

Being optimistic in such times can help reduce the negative effects of stress and can assist with the recovery from stress.

Some practical things that you could try are:

– Choose positive language over the negative one

– Avoid criticism 

– Celebrate wins (no matter small they are) 

– Practice self-compassion

– Help others (be it a team member or your community)

– Don’t ignore your feelings but talk them over 

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