Know Me!

Hi, I am Tejas Patel.
Few words that I associate with myself are Excitement, Curiosity, Eagerness, Fun loving, Appreciator of Good Customer Service, Connector and a person who loves to add value in all I do.

I like to come up with lots of ideas and want to make few of them into a reality. I am making a START on some initiatives.

I have done Mechanical Engineering and have a Masters in Information Systems. I have worked with Fortune 50 companies in Australia on major transformation projects looking after business and training needs and deployment.

I am a web savvy person and fill my hunger by browsing on the Internet on various topics. Although I don’t run a matrimonial service, but love connecting like minded people with each other thus enriching my and other people’s network.

When I am pretending to not working, my mind is still at work. Learning to take work breaks. I like to delegate things when I know others can do more justice to the task then I would.

This site if filled with my thoughts and sharing other people’s thoughts on business, management, productivity, connecting ideas and people and experiences and stories that add value.

I can be found on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn.

5 thoughts on “Know Me!

  1. Read The Quotes You Wrote which was published on wisdom quotes a page in facebook
    was impressed a lot !!
    You Deserve being the best

  2. Are you in the trucking industry? I just saw one of my FB friends post something with your name on it. I happen to work with a Tejas Patel….I can’t imagine there are many out there. Julie / FDCC

  3. Hello Sir,

    I am Deval from Surat. I completed B.E. Electronic and Telecommunication from BVM Engineering college this month. I want some guidance from your side about my future. Please do reply on my mail.

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