Posting on Posterous from iPad and iPhone

OK, have I told enough as to how enjoyable it is to post/blog on this Posterous blog? It is a great experience to say the least and I look forward to it’s continual evolvement. But sometimes I have the urge to post something from my iPhone or iPad while I am browsing the Internet. I just want to have the luxury of having the bookmarklet available when I need it. So I just added the existing Posterous bookmarklet to both my iPhone and iPad.


Now while I am browsing through Internet and want to post something through the blog, all I have to do is invoke these bookmarklets to post to Posterous. The results are below.                                              

I pray that Sachin Agarwal doesn’t come and kill me for posting the iPhone image :). Obviously the bookmarklet was never meant to be used on my iPhone and hence the issue with the size of the pop up window but it still does the job until there is a bookmarklet created specially for iPhone.


From my iPad


From my iPhone

iOS4 for iPhone Rocks

So by now allmost all hardcore Apple fans would have installed iOS4 on their iPhones.

Top 2 features that appeal to me and will be very useful are:

  1. Folders
  2. Multi tasking
It just makes sense to arrange applications into folders as scrolling 8 screens was getting too much. Although I just use the Spotlight search functionality most of the times. As might be the case with some of you, I only use around a screenful of apps on a consistent basis.

Now I have three screens in total and all third party apps are under appropriate categories.



One thing that was a surprise to me was how many game apps I had installed. I have nearly 4 folders full of games on my iPhone [again most of which I don't play on a regular basis]. 

I am also loving the iBook app update which now supports PDF. But with this, even Good Reader app is getting better and I might keep using it in the near future.