iOS4 for iPhone Rocks

So by now allmost all hardcore Apple fans would have installed iOS4 on their iPhones.

Top 2 features that appeal to me and will be very useful are:

  1. Folders
  2. Multi tasking
It just makes sense to arrange applications into folders as scrolling 8 screens was getting too much. Although I just use the Spotlight search functionality most of the times. As might be the case with some of you, I only use around a screenful of apps on a consistent basis.

Now I have three screens in total and all third party apps are under appropriate categories.



One thing that was a surprise to me was how many game apps I had installed. I have nearly 4 folders full of games on my iPhone [again most of which I don't play on a regular basis]. 

I am also loving the iBook app update which now supports PDF. But with this, even Good Reader app is getting better and I might keep using it in the near future.

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