Pleasure/Achievement Principle #IYW

Happiness comes down to doing things that are fulfilling and to have a happy life, you need to have a fulfilling life. I read about an interesting principle leading into this theory called Pleasure/Achievement Principle by Chris Skellet.

In order to live a fulfilling life, we must strike a considered balance between pleasure and achievement.

So just filling your life with small and big pleasure is not going to make you happy and fulfilled neither will a life of being the richest person on the planet. One needs to strike a good balance.


A friend of mine lost one of his parent recently and was traveling overseas for the rituals and be with his family. Seeing him and his family off at the air port I inquired about his return plans, he tells me quickly that he will be back in two weeks time and before I could even think about it, tells me ” I will have to come back otherwise my job is on the line..”

This to me is an example of a constraint that he faced which will bring him back away from the family and before he is finished with his mourning. Loss of a parent is something where people and families take ages before they can move on and may be it does not happen at all. But such can be life that it forces us to think about our jobs and pay checks before we forget about the biggest loss in our lives.


<This is an unfinished post, while I don’t have words nor the content to write it now>

Have a Joyous Festive Season and Great 2012.

This season reminds me of selfless love, spirit of giving, loving, remembering, gratefulness, sharing, caring and a lot more. As I remember my friends, family, bloggers, authors and all those people who have touched my life thus far, I feeling I get is better left unexplained. All I will say is I feel blessed to have each of you as part of my life and THANK YOU.

HAVE  a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. May next year brings you happiness that matters to you. Keep in touch.

What ‘Ambitious’ are you?

We’re not big fans of what I consider “vertical” ambition—that is, the usual career-path trajectory, in which a newbie moves up the ladder from associate to manager to vice president over a number of years of service. On the other hand, we revere “horizontal” ambition—in which employees who love what they do are encouraged to dig deeper, expand their knowledge, and become better at it. We always try to hire people who yearn to be master craftspeople, that is, designers who want to be great designers, not managers of designers; developers who want to master the art of programming, not management.

The above article has made me think about ‘Ambition’ and being ‘Ambitious’. There is a need to recognize the fact about having two types of ambitious people, vertical and horizontal. Secondly people on both sides of horizon need to respect each other. In this world we need people of both the types.

In various aspects of our life, we can be vertically ambitious in certain aspects and horizontally ambitious in others.

I am vertically ambitious when it comes to my career but horizontal ambitious when it comes to other aspects of my life.

What about you?