Millionaire on What

If you tweet a million times does not guarantee you that you will be a millionaire neither does being a millionaire guarantee you a million subscribers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. One has to decide on selecting and achieving the right ‘million’ first which can then potentially drive other figures if important.

On friendship

Something to ponder about on friendship..

I personally value a friendship based on the quality of my bond with the person rather than the qualities of the person. People with desirable traits by society standards don’t necessarily make “good friends”?—?I believe most of us can vouch for that.

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Count on friends and not numbers

Now and then I hear and see people wowed by someone’s number of likes, followers on Twitter or number of Facebook friends. Differentiating between followers and real friends is important.

Your friends will be those that make you happy offline or online. One that stand by you in good and bad times and can sense the words behind the silence. Ten thousand likes on a post will make you happy in the moment and famous for 5 minutes, but real friends offer you a long-lasting companionship. Not all online followers are your friends or want to be one. They have their self-defined agendas most of the time.

This quote from Brené Brown is fitting.


Thing about measurements #TOTD

This is so true about so many things in life, from measuring performance at work, measuring productivity, measuring ‘things’ that will make you reduce weight, measuring things that you have accomplished in a day or this lifetime, measuring learning at work and many other things. Before you start measuring and spend endless time in analysing those measurements, identify things that will really move the needle.

Act Now

Act Now - Don't Delay

Act Now – Don’t Delay

Do I know a lot about George Canning? No, but I agree to this quote of his. What I do know is that indecisions do have a cost associated with it and sometimes it can be super expensive just not to make decisions, let alone not making them at the right time.

So take action now, come to a decision – right or wrong but make a decision  and move forward with your life.

You Decide


A colleague shared this image today – many thanks to her (ok, ok i remade the image for quality sake). The message is simple yet a powerful one. No one but at the end we should decide on how we feel about anything going on in our life and our day. Keep on improving quality of your day and bit by bit you are going to move the mountains.

On Loan

While talking to a colleague this afternoon, the topic of life, parents and death came up. He shared a thought that has moved me a bit. His thought is along the lines that nothing on this planet is permanent including the relatives we have and the relationships we have, it is all on loan. One moment we have a parent, friend, uncle, aunty, grand dad and the next moment they might be gone. Gone for good to never come back.

Brings back the point that cherish everything that you have on this planet, your friends, relatives, relationships, parents, time, nature etc. It’s all on loan. Once it is gone, it’s gone for good. Enjoy it while you can.


Pleasure/Achievement Principle #IYW

Happiness comes down to doing things that are fulfilling and to have a happy life, you need to have a fulfilling life. I read about an interesting principle leading into this theory called Pleasure/Achievement Principle by Chris Skellet.

In order to live a fulfilling life, we must strike a considered balance between pleasure and achievement.

So just filling your life with small and big pleasure is not going to make you happy and fulfilled neither will a life of being the richest person on the planet. One needs to strike a good balance.


A friend of mine lost one of his parent recently and was traveling overseas for the rituals and be with his family. Seeing him and his family off at the air port I inquired about his return plans, he tells me quickly that he will be back in two weeks time and before I could even think about it, tells me ” I will have to come back otherwise my job is on the line..”

This to me is an example of a constraint that he faced which will bring him back away from the family and before he is finished with his mourning. Loss of a parent is something where people and families take ages before they can move on and may be it does not happen at all. But such can be life that it forces us to think about our jobs and pay checks before we forget about the biggest loss in our lives.


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