Inaccurate Resume – Part II

Following on from my previous post, Alok Kejriwal’s post made me think on this matter again.

I see how this is a trust issue. As I commented on Alok’s post that this lie must have been coming through quite a few years and Scott T must have found it hard if not impossible to retract back on it.

I don’t think I would have forgiven a doctor if she had lied about her degree and let her off the hook that easily. I won’t even have let go a plumber who is not certified and claims to be a certified plumber, so should the board and shareholders let go a CEO who is not what he is claiming?

Inaccurate Resume

Head in HandsYahoo’s CEO must be facing sleepless nights with someone finding inaccuracies in his resume. Two questions:

  1. Would he (the current CEO) fire someone in his team or at Yahoo if he found out about inaccuracies in the submitted resume, especially if they were really good at what they do?
  2. Would you fire someone with a deliberate misleading resume but a highly capable person if he is trying to maintain and steer a sinking ship?
Although I can write pages on this subject from different perspectives and covering if’s and but’s but at this stage, I simply think that if Yahoo’s CEO owns his mistake and his work is improving the bottom line of the organisation, give him another chance.