Microsoft Security Summit & Geek Dinner– What an interesting day

I am late in posting this, but I am still feeling the exhaustion from yesterday. Driving to the city for the summit was interesting. The Microsoft Security summit was kind of OK for me. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I found that some of the sessions did not really have to do much with Security nor with Security summit. Although I did enjoy most of the sessions.

Now meeting people at the summit was even more fun. Although not a developer, I hanged out in MSDN Loungue with other developers and exchanged my views on some of the topics they were discussing. The first known stranger I met was Thomas Williams. Thomas do you think I talk a lot? Interesting man Thomas is. The other one was William Luu. This was my first Geek dinner ever attended. I was just curious how it will turn out to be and as found out by me and many, it was a fantastic evening. Matt was the one who was taking all the moments captured in his new baby! Great job Matt. Matt has the list of all people there at the Geek Dinner. Spoke a lot to Peter Stanski (oops, Dr. Pete ). Based on the talks seems that Peter is all rounder. He has a consultancy firm at

Yes Matthew, I get flattered when people say that they read my blogs. It’s just a good feeling to know how many people I am connecting to. The interesting thing was I met two other Indian guys, Mayur and Vinit( without this even I don’t see how would have we met ) who work for Lancom Technologies. Good to see more Indian faces in such geek Dinners. Nice talking to you Andrew Coates, Jeff Alexander ,Greg Low and Michael Kleef. Looking forward to getting more involved into IT Pro Newsgroups in Melbourne. All in all, a great night out. A wonderful experience. Did I mention, Microsoft paid for it too!

Hoping to have a event like this organised soon in the future and hoping that more Geeks join up the team.

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