Blogger goes to sleep and a scary blogger wakes up

Having discussions on Robert’s Blog on this and this post I am a bit horrified and scared now. The arguments are valid to some degree and I think I will (might have to) have to come to terms to it until I start working for myself. Not good eh. I still don’t agree that this should be the case though. From now on I will be very much consious about what I write. I even added a disclaimer (read that in inverted commas) on top left hand corner. Help me to find a better disclaimer which is still a bit different than the usual/boring disclaimer. I want distinct disclaimer.

So the blogger that was born nearly 14 months back goes to sleep now until I find a solution in my dreams or until somebody wakes me up and put scary blogger (me) back to sleep.

On the side note I don’t see Employers paying us extra to represent them the way they want 24×7.

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