My website still does not show up on Google

This sucks in a way. Is my website still in Google Sandbox? There should be a mechanism to find that what’s going on with Google indexing my site. My website statistics show that Google Bot indexing is only 15% of total search engine Bot indexing. My site just won’t show up on Google Search site. Yahoo Slurp seems to be on the top. Although Yahoo Search seems to have improved a lot, I don’t use Yahoo nor do people I know use Yahoo. MSN Search seems to have picked this site well. Well this will just mean that now when I talk to people, I will have to tell them that Yahoo me up or MSearch me.

On the side note again:- Google me up sounds good, Yahoo me up is also good. We need a phrase to refer to MSN Search. Is “MSearch me” alright? Can you give me a better phrase than this?

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