Disappointed with Virtual PC Video on Channel 9

I have just finished watching the Virtual PC Video on Channel 9. Thanks Robert for bringing it to us ( you are doing a great job at it)but I am disappointed with the interview. I was expecting more from this interview. I was expecting for something that I did not know about Virtual PC’s. Tricks and tips. Tips on optimising Virtual PC’s. Obviously Robert Scoble gave Ben many chances to add something to the conversation, but Ben did not have much to offer to his audience. He did not even have cool stories! Atleast he could have told his audience where all the Virtual PC’s are used and where it will be used in the future. They are just not used in software development business! Ben could have told us more about the features of Virtual PC’s and gave few demos (there are heaps of interesting features). Microsoft can target more audience than they might be doing now!

Well for myself, I use Virtual PC, Virtual Servers and VMWare workstation. May be Robert you can interview me on VMWare workstation ( I don’t work for VMWare) and I can give you a more interesting interview than what Ben did. Ben no offence mate, you did not looked juiced up about your own product.

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