Time to Certify

After wanting to do for many months I think I have decided that I will now spare the time to finally prepare for some certification exams. The exams I have to give are Microsoft Windows 2003 Upgrade exam (70-292 and 70-296) and Cisco CCNA exam (640-801). I wanted to give this exams since last two years now, but other work took all the priority. But now I have decided to make these exams my priority.

I have set aside three months for preparing for these three exams and then sit the exams. We will see. I will be using my blog to update on my study schedule and progress. I will also post on the following:-

· Will update about my study plans
· The resources I am using for studies
· All the relevant links that I could find for a given exam objective
· Daily read, interesting and relevant links from Cisco, Microsoft and the Internet
· My findings if any
· Links to the Microsoft and other labs
· Exam study tips

The intention is to help other fellow readers with their studies and to get comments and help from them if they care to share their knowledge. Also regular postings will keep me on my toes and on schedule for my exams. I will be utilising lot of my blog reading time to study now, so normal blogging might be a bit less than usual during next coming months. I am planning to create two categories and make post related to these exams under that.

I am a bit of certification fanatic myself. Although I hate paper certified people. What I mean is those people who are certified but don’t know much about the subject. I am talking about people who cram answers and pass the exams. I believe in understanding and exploring the subject. More on this later in the coming posts. Wish me good luck!.

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