MCSE Upgrade: Chapter 1

For exam 70-292 I am using MS Press Training Kit. The book is called “Upgrading Your Certification to Windows Server 2003” and can be found from Amazon at…

I just got started with studying for certification exams. I will write more detail on some of the stuff later on. But to continue the act of studying and getting started I have read the first chapter of the book today. A long one! The chapter is called ‘Introduction to Windows Server 2003’.
It is an introductory chapter to Windows 2003 Server and new things in Windows 2003 Server. Although the exam objectives that are mentioned for this chapter map to exam 70-296. This is a important base chapter for study purposes for the exams I am undertaking.

One important thing to start with is to know the different flavors of Windows 2003 Server. How are they different and what are the hardware requirements for each of the versions. Make sure you know the base minimum requirement as well as the Microsoft recommended minimum requirement for the purpose of the exam.

The links to follow for this are as below:

· Product Information Page:-

· Windows 2003 Servers Home Page:-


· Hardware requirements:-
· Comparing different flavors of Windows 2003 Server (important):-…

It is important to know the supported Upgrade paths to Windows Server 2003. More info on this can be found from….

More in my next post….

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