Yahoo’s ‘My Search History’

Went on Yahoo Search today to check my search ranking and found a link of “My Web“. Awesome stuff Yahoo. You beat Gmail to this. Here is a list of features found in “My Web”.

1) Importing of Bookmarks – important feature
2) Search History
3) Search Pages can be saved too
4) History can be enabled and disabled at will
5) One can block sites and they won’t show up in Search results
6) One can email and IM search results
7) One can share Search results and it’s RSS enabled (very important feature) and this will work something like
8) Sharing can be enabled on Yahoo 360 at a later date
9) Add more folders and move search results to those folders
10) Search the search results 🙂

Yahoo, although a suggestion for you. Why don’t you work a bit on UI and make it something like Gmail. Their UI is definately better and more appealing. Why not include Tags in here, lately I am loving the concept of Tags.

One thing is for sure, I will have to stick to one tool. I am using Google, Yahoo and and my search results are everywhere making it difficult for me to organise and search my search results when I want them. Gone are the day of bookmarks now.

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