My first Video Post

I love training. I love teaching people new things and I love to see when they are amazed as to what they can do with the tools and software available to them. As I am preparing myself for the certification exam, I thought I will do a video of labs that I am doing as the part of my studies. So just to get started I recorded a video today, merged the sound with it and the outcome is a video of the lab I did. OK, I know it’s not the best quality video I have ever seen, I know the sound is shaky and I am stammering at times and I am also aware that what I saw it not 100% technically accurate in the video. But here we are with my first video. Is this what video podcasting is? đŸ™‚ :). I have to admit that I enjoyed doing it. My video can be downloaded here. Although I am going to write notes that go along with this lab, I am just to excited till I finish writing up the relevant notes and share my first video with you.

In my next video, I will make sure that my objectives for a lab are clear before I start doing the video. I will write the main points to be discussed on a piece of paper so I don’t forget to mention those. Also if I keep on doing these videos than I will learn to edit the videos and the sound and how to save the videos at better resolution along with keeping the size down as possible. Please extend any suggestions you got. Positive criticism will be appreciated.

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