INGDirect Sucks, Sucks, Sucks..

**Warning** This blog post is full of personal dissatisfaction towards INGDirect Bank.

Today I got a link for INGDirect’s bank offer. They were offering $123 (bonus deposit) to any new customer who would open a savings account with them before 11:00 P.M. on 10th May 2005. Here is the link. I have saved the print screen of this image as well ;). Now I have seen INGDirect advertising all over Hotmail about their savings account and they are always offering some kind of bonus deposit over it. $123 was a good start and I wanted to open an savings account that was giving me more interest rate compared to my existing bank account. So I thought why not give it a try. I went ahead at 8:45 P.M. in the night and started the process. To start with their website was too slow and irresponsive After few retries I got to the account opening page and was slowly moving ahead. I was nearly at the end of final step (where I have to select a pincode) and then I clicked next and I got an error message saying something like ‘cannot move further False’ and some script= *6.asp page. Hmmn, the beginning of real problems. I went back more than five times and clicked on continue again, but with no luck. I called their customer service. I am on hold for 22 minutes approximately. The customer service representative was rude, was not showing any signs of helping me and the only answer she kept on giving was ‘I cannot help you, you will just have to start over again’. I said ‘OK, Thank You’. Came back to my computer and started all over again using different browsers this time. No luck now I could not even go to their main link page from where I was supposed to start my application. I tried to call them again and was on hold for 15 minutes before I just hung up the phone.It was 10:18 when I stopped trying on INGDirect and writing up this blog. This also happened with two of my friends to whom I forwarded the URL link and they had no luck either.

INGDirect you guys have wasted nearly two hours of my life without any fruit. I think all customers like me should charge you for the waste of time done on the phones and on the website. I am totally dissatisfied and I doubt that I will ever sign up any accounts with you guys unless I get an explanation to what happened with your marketing campaign today. You guys advertise and spend thousands of dollars all over the Internet in attracting customers. You guys lure them with better incentive schemes. But what’s the fun when your own website is not co-operating nor are your customer service reps. I had four more customers on the move excluding my wife and I who were going to be your customers tonight. Your website was not ready to handle the load I think. Your call centre’s were not ready to take the calls. What impression does it give when your prospective customers are calling you for the first time and they have to wait on hold for more than 20 minutes? I had problems trusting a bank without a branch office and on top of this such rude customer does not help. What are you guys going to do about it? Are you going to exend your offer till a later date.

If not than listen all the Other banks in Australia, give me a deal that INGDirect was giving me today, $120+ bonus and 5.4% of variable interest and I will sign up two accounts with you today and now. I will make sure I bring along many friends of mine too.

By the way I did take some screen shots of the pages from INGDirect website. The screen shots were taking using OneNote 2003. The screen shots can be found at

I might also send a copy of this post to IngDirect through email (not sure if they check it though).

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