Web Search and my mentality

I just realised consiously today that lately my way of doing search and search engines have changed. Before I used to look for things on Google and I used to have a gooood long look. Now I go on Google and if the search results do not show the things I am looking for on the visible screen, than I move away and do a search on Yahoo or MSN and do the same there. Just look for the search results on the first screen. I have’nt remembered scrolling down the search page for a long time now. And do quite a bit of searching. I have 250 searches in Google search history. I am sure there will be millions of people like me who have so many choices now that they are not ready to scroll down the page to see more searches. This might mean that businesses will have to work more harder now to get their websites on the top so that it is visible on the first available screen. What do you say?

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