I felt as half dead

From last night I was feeling half dead, as my main computer stopped responding. I am no hardware guru, but I still opened the case and tried everything possible I could think of. Actually there was on Video on monitor neither Power on Self Test. I was desperate! I called my friends hoping that they would know something that I did’nt. As a network engineer I deal with hardware fair bit, but this was making me crazy. I impatiently waited till morning to take the computer to a doctor. The doctor was not really help, as doctors did’nt have a nurse to help him with the surgery ( the technician did not come to the shop). The processor was the only thing that I did not touch, so I recommended the doctor that if he can somehow check the processor is working or dead. He removed the heat sink to find out that the processor was out of the socket and not well connected into the socket. Walla!, this did the trick. Initially I felt as if I will have to stay without the computer on the weekend, but not anymore. The computer is fixed now and back to life and I feel life in myself too. My wife says I am just a dead geek! Yes, my computer is one of the precious things for me (very precious). She even told my friends that while the computer was not working, the atmosphere in the house was like someone was dead in the house, well my computer was half dead!.

But, I am back to normal and happy to see it like this :).

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