My 3 Minutes at

I saw Robert Scoble’s post about and the link to Channel 9 post. Without reading the whole post I quickly jumped on to be faced by weird questions that did not interest me at all. Well filling out the questions wasted my one minute. But I am impressed with what MSN team has done by linking them to MSN Search. That’s good effort to show the capabilities of your search engine and to market it. MSN guys sorry, but I will put down the direct URL in public so people don’t waste time filling out stupid questions, although I like what you have done with the questions too. The direct URL for now is Here is what I think.

–> I like the speed at which the site responds. It’s awesome!
–> Did you copy Google Personalisation site or it was always on your mind? I like the interface, more space for more content.
–> Any plans to bring Hotmail email intergration to this page (just like Google does). This might be one more chance to keep your Hotmail customers, seeing that you guys are not doing much innovation on that side of the business compared to other providers, but that’s another story.
–> The RSS feed should be found even if we just punch in the URL of the website we want the content added, well it does not work. Do you think I will go and find RSS feed URL? Not convenient and nor can I be bothered. That part needs the work. Hey! I think that’s the most important part of the site, it would be atleast for me.
–> Can I guess that you guys will integrate this with .NET passport soon? As no one likes to configure the feeds on different browsers if they handle more than one machine and use more than one browser.
–> You could have added a feature of exporting OPML
–> What’s something new that you guys provide here? All the stuff on here is already in the market.

Although I can say the product is good, for new comers to the Feed and Search engine users, but not too cool to keep a person like myself stick to it. If you can some positive critisimn, than this site provides nothing new that I should leave other sites which is doing the same. I would rate “My Yahoo” a bit above this site. Show me and the world something new, that will keep me talking about how much I love some feature on your site for atleast one week. For a chance do something unique that other’s have’nt done so far. Provide a feature that is unique to or MSN. Good luck guys. For now I will stick to Google, Bloglines, Newsgator.

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