Installing Windows Vista on VMWare

Downloading Windows Vista (2.5 GB image I think) was a time consuming process. I was not getting more than 60 KB/Sec speed and the download stopped once in a while and I had to manually resume it. So after nearly 18 hours, it was downloaded completely. I had preconfigured my VMWare for installing Windows Vista (1.3 GB RAM, 6 GB hard disk and all). I fired up VMWare, started the installation, punched in the keys, next , created the 6 GB partion, clicked on ‘Format’, next and no luck. Got a message saying something like “Windows did not recognise the hard disk, please restart..”.

So I tried few types configuring different hard disk options with no luck. OK, now I am going to try this on Virtual PC and see if it works with that. If it does’nt work that way than and only than I will plan to install directly on my PC. Does anybody have any tips on getting it to work with VMWare?

Edit:- Looks like I might have find some solutions here. I found the following link on VMWare website Installing Windows Vista on VMWare. Will try this soon.

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