Meeting Mr. Anand M.

.NET From India

I met Anand M. yesterday. It was the same excitement of meeting somebody you have never met before and just know that person from his blog (this was my third time this month). Well Anand was on a business trip in Melbourne and then he flew to Sydney today. I met Anand in the evening along with my wife Komal, took him to my favorite Indian Restaurant on Malvern Road and then showed him around few places in the city. Overall we had a good time and I hope Anand had a good time with us as well.I was just thinking over our meeting last night and I totally forgot that I was meeting Anand for the first time. Our conversations were very normal, just after few minutes we were just talking like we have known each other for years. I showed him where MCG is, Federation Square and then took him to see Crown Casino.

Ah, this is where I learned to gamble from Anand. Last night I played pokkies for the first time and in total I won 30 dollars in on hour on pokkie machine.


 I was so addicted that Anand and Komal had to drag me out of the Casino. It was like 1:10 in the morning when we said good bye to Anand. We had a great night out. Hey Anand, I truly wished if your friends could have joined us, but there is always a next time. Well as I always say, “world is getting a small place to live”.

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