Instablogs finally shows up

Aha, Instablogs has finally showed up and launched. First of all Congratulations to all involved. Sounds like a great initiative and good luck.

Here are few initial suggestions for you guys:-

1. When you mess up in public, be polite and give your readers a reason well in time and not when you really feel like. You guys could have even just posted a explanatory comment on your own blog for the reason in the delay. I agree with BlogNetworkWatch on this one and their comments. ( actually one of my comments are mentioned on BlogNetworkWatch too, I realised)
2. I don’t know who you guys are. I like to know whose network I am visiting and whose blogs I am reading. How about a “About Us” section or a nice post detailing who you guys are and what your intentions are?
3. I know you guys have a category called “about instablogs” but I am getting an error message when I get there .

” I cannot post something like “it’s” in your comment. I get a MySQL error message. Hope you guys fix it soon”

Well, I sound negative, but I fall into the category “people are real angry with us”. But again wish you all the best with the Network.Looking forward to see the great content that you are promising on the network. May be after few days I might just start loving your blogs and network,

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