Rajesh Shetty gives pointers on what to do when you start a blog

Life Beyond Code :: I started a blog; now what?

Rajesh Shetty author of Beyond Code gives us pointers of what to do when you start a blog. He is right, many people start the blog because people force them to have a blog ( I am guilty, I sometimes over Evangelise blogs to my non geek friends) or they are carried in the hype of the buzz word “blog”.

I think I really agree with Rajesh’s first point. Giving ROII (Return of Investment for an Interaction) is very important. I don’t know how much return my blog posts gives to my users but I know for myself that I frequent those blogs that are giving me my return for my investment of time. This return can be in the form of links to other informative blogs or services and if it teaches me something that I was not aware of.

Although we think that Rajesh’s points are very common, they are very effective and helps to make a blog and blogger known to others. So let’s see if I made a right decision by linking to Rajesh’s post according to the list of points that Rajesh has posted.

1. Yes, I think the points are important from blogging perspective and I am sure it will be better for my readers too to know these points.

2. This was worth linking

3. I wanted to comment on Rajesh’s blog, but have to register to comment. Nah, too much time consuming and not sure if it gives me any other benefit, so thought of extending the conversation here.

4. I do.

5. I am speaking from my experience, so I am the right person to say what I said before :).

6. Agree.


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