BlogJet 1.6.1 Released with even more better features

I must have missed the release of Blogjet 1.6, but not this time. I found out today that Blogjet 1.6.1 is released (this one now supports MSN Spaces). Don’t know what Blogjet is? Blogjet is a tool that can be used to blog directly to your blogs without even going to the web interface. Blogjet can be integrated in Firefox or into Internet Explorer. Right click in a window while in Firefox and just click on “Blogjet This” and you are on the go to create a blog



One feature that I was really looking forward too was Group Posting into multiple blogs at once. As I maintain multiple blogs ( is the other one), there are times when I want to same information there too, so this should come handy. Other new features include as belows:-


I will try to post this on my other blog using the Group Posting feature and see how it goes. One feature I would like to see is creation and insertion of Technorati Tags. I think that will definately come in handy.

 Technorati Tags: , ,

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