Gmail adds two new excellent features

So ofcourse, I am still waiting for Google Calendar! But I found two new features in Google Mail today. One is Automatic Vacation Response and the other one is Groups feature for Gmail Contacts (sorry, no links here).

Both of them are really handy features, especially when you are using your Gmail address as your main email tool. I even use Gmail for work purposes. So let’s see Automatic Vacation Response First. So we can setup the vacation response settings and either configure to send the vacation message to everybody or to only people who are on my contact list.






The second one will become my favourite I think. It is groups for contacts. See the images below.









We can select the contact that we want to put in a group and click on “Add to group” button on the top. If you pull down the menu there is an option of ‘new group’ there. So name the group and that’s it. So from the screen above I created a group called ‘Daily Titbits’ and added 6 contacts in it. In the screen below you see the group created called ‘Daily titbits’ which includes the contacts that I added above.







Now what I have to do is when I compose the message, I just have to write ‘Daily titbits’ and all the 6 contacts will be loaded. Isn’t this faster and fun! Ofcourse this feature will save me time and increase my productivity. Also once I set up the groups the chances that I will forget to email somebody (who should be part of the group) the needed content will be reduced to minimal. So enjoy this nice features. But Google Calendar, where are you?

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