How I use my dashboard

I read Steve Rubel’s post as to how he uses Google Personlised page as a dashboard along with his favourite news aggregator to read the feeds. Well I have been using Google Personlised page as my dashboard as well for a long time now (since Google Personalised page was released).

I although don’t use it completely for my geeky needs (although most of the feeds are geeky 🙂 ). I have configured dashboard so I read something else other then Technical blogs, liked “quote of the day”, “Indian News”, “Email” etc. Atleast this way I read something else other then geek stuff. I wish Google Dashboard start supporting a feature where I can listen to the podcasts directly from the desktop, something like what is available in Netvibes (let me know if this is possible already. I use Google Reader as my main feed aggregator these days and am quite happy with it’s features.

So what do you use as your dashboard these days and what feeds do you have there? And ofcourse, the dashboard is my home page!

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